Selling your home should be as easy as a smile and a handshake between the buyer and the seller, but we don’t live in a perfect world, hence we have a step by step guide that can help you understand the entire process and what you should know about selling your home.

The Grant Agency is a real estate firm in Lubbock, Texas, that will handle all your real estate needs and sell your home for a fair price. Our goal is to make you happy and maximize your profits.

Step #1 Contact Us

Real estate laws and marketing strategies are constantly changing, and without the right REALTOR® to see you through the process, you might end up making a costly mistake, so avoid the loss and give us a call, because we are excited to handle all of your real estate related needs in Lubbock, Texas.

Step #2 Know your Competition

Buyers will pay a price for a home depending on how it compares to other homes in the area, the fair market value is the estimated price of a home, based on an appraisal.

However, do you know how your home stacks up against other property in the area? Some factors that could affect the fair value of your home are:

  • The location of the home
  • The size and age of the house
  • The condition and number of repairs in the home
  • How it fairs when compared to other homes in the area.

Step #3 Make Only necessary Improvements

When you decide to sell your home, you must decide how much to ask for your property.

The real estate market is a competitive one, and homes that are not up to par will be less likely to attract buyers. To avoid wasting money on fixing things or areas in the house that will not boost its fair market value and saleability. Contact The Grant Agency, and we’ll give you the best ways to fix up your property so that you can maximize your profits and minimize your expenses.

You can call our office today and speak to one of our professional licensed REALTORS® about your home.

Step #4 Paperwork and Contracts

Every real estate transaction will include contracts, addendums, amendments and notices. You will want our team of licensed REALTORS® at The Grant Agency, to guide you through the negations and communications with the parties involved to prevent any misunderstandings and potential losses down the line.

Step #5 Closing the deal

It’s time to close the deal on your property! At the closing, legal and financial documents are signed, the title is transferred, and funds are collected and dispersed. We will be right there to answer any questions and ensure and ensure this important step goes a smoothly as possible.  Now it is time to celebrate!!

For more information on how to successfully sell your property, contact The Grant Agency, in Lubbock, Texas, today.